Buy at Third touch

Index Name: Nifty
Analysis Date: 31 Jan 2019
Action : Buy
Duration: 3 months to 9 months

Sometimes haste decisions are wrong, but it’s fine. Always use the stop to limit the loss. Nifty buy at the third touch which is facing zone 10870-10990-11090, if close above on Feb 01, 2019, it will be showing up sideEvery trader, investors wants to earn profit in the stock market, so let’s start with Index & stocks untold stories and try to understand logic before investing. 

Simply assume to make it easy. Then you will understand how big traders, investors tend to manipulate small traders, investors. 

A failed delivery attempt means that the index and share prices are dropped and recovered by the same trader, investors. There are two common cases for failed delivery attempt. 

The first one through bad news, when big traders have to buy more quantity from small traders. Second, when they have to sell, the good news comes on the market. Because they know that small retailers have to stop loss. 

This does not mean that you do not know the trend. It may be that the entry, exit was not correct. 


Before the news comes to market, there is enough tools to know the impact of the stock. Just need to understand. So don’t go in to buy the fancy system. Believe in yourself, and track your mistakes and improve. 

Nifty Resistance levels are:

10786    10818    10877    10976    11053    11130    11239    11378    11556    11648    11781    12030

Nifty Support levels are:

10669    10636    10577    10478    10402    10325